2009 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Melon 'Lambkin' F1
National Winner
2009 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Melon 'Lambkin' F1
National Winner

Melon 'Lambkin' F1
2009 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

‘Lambkin’ is a gourmet melon that is early to mature and easy to grow in containers or garden soil. The oval shaped melon weights between 2 and 4 pounds with a thin rind surrounding sweet, aromatic, white flesh. The flavor is the reason to grow ‘Lambkin.’ Because ‘Lambkin’ is early to harvest, a gardener need not wait very long for the ripe melons. The length of time from transplanting young plants into the garden until ripe fruit is about 65 to 75 days. The unusual pattern on the melon skin is yellow with green mottling. Years ago, this pattern reminded someone of the skin of the toad, thus the name, Piel de sapo, type melon. Since the melons store longer, it is also called the Christmas melon.

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Melon
Variety Name: 'Lambkin' F1
Genus: Cuycumis
Species: melo L.
Year: 2009
Common Name: Christmas melon, Piel de Sapo type
Type: Vegetables
Breeder: Known-You Seed Co. Ltd.
Close Market Comparison: Aladdin' and 'Saporosa'
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Annual
Light Needs: Full sun
Water Needs: Normal
Season Type: Warm Season
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Light green
Plant Habit: Vining
Plant Height: Short: Under 10"
Garden Spacing: 6 feet
Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 75-85 days
Days To Harvest (Transplant): 65-75 days
Fruit Color (Harvest): yellow with green mottling
Fruit Shape: oval
Fruit Size: 5.5" by 4.5 inches
Fruit Weight: 2 to 4 pounds
Fruit Flavor Description: sweet aromtic white juicy flesh
Plant Spread: 6 feet

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