Bean Derby
1990 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

Derby green beans has long, straight, round pod that remains tender with excellent eating quality up to 7 inches in length. While harvesting the gardener will notice how easily the pods slip from the stem without the pedicel. The overall yield is above average, but due to the holding quality, gardeners can be assured of a successful harvest.

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Bean
Variety Name: Derby
Genus: Phaseolus
Species: vulgaris
Year: 1990
Common Name: Bean snap
Type: Vegetables
Breeder: Ferry-Morse Seed
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Annual
Hardiness Zone/Hardy to Zone: Zone 1
Light Needs: Full sun
Water Needs: Normal
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Green
Plant Habit: Bushy
Plant Height: Medium: 10" to 24"
Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 57 days
Fruit Color (Harvest): Green
Fruit Shape: long thin straight round pod
Fruit Size: 7 inches
Fruit Flavor Description: Excellent eating quality
Plant Spread: 20 inches
Disease Resistances or Tolerances: Resistant to lodging and common bean mosaic virus

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