Lavender 'Lady'
1994 AAS Flower Award Winner

 'Lady' is the first English lavender that will consistently flower the first year from seed.

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Flower Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Lavender
Variety Name: 'Lady'
Genus: Lavandula
Species: angustifolia
Year: 1994
Common Name: English lavender
Type: Flowers from Seed
Breeder: PanAmerican Seed
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Perennial
Hardiness Zone/Hardy to Zone: Zone 5
Light Needs: Full sun, Partial sun
Water Needs: Normal
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Green
Plant Habit: Compact, Upright
Plant Height: Short: Under 10"
Garden Spacing: 12 inches
Bloom Time: Summer
Bloom Color: Lavender
Bloom Color Pattern: Solid
Bloom Size: 6-inch spike
Fragrance: Strong
Home Gardener Use
Container: YES
Hanging Basket: YES
Low Edging: YES
Herb: YES
Cut Flower: YES
Dried Flower / Everlasting: YES

How to Grow

 From sowing seed to bloom will take about 3 months in the south and 6 months in the darker Northern areas. Germinates in about 14-20 days, do not cover seed. Using a well drained growing media and not overwatering will produce a compact branching habit.

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