1999 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Squash 'Eight Ball' F1
National Winner
1999 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Squash 'Eight Ball' F1
National Winner

Squash 'Eight Ball' F1
1999 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

The first dark green, round, zucchini squash. This may be the first squash you don't have too many of. Easy to grow, look for baby squash about 5 to 6 weeks after planting. Harvest when young, the size of a billiard ball. Later when large, don't eat it, use it as a bowl. Scoop out seeds, fill with your favorite dip or salad. Throw onto compost heap when done with lunch.

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Squash
Variety Name: 'Eight Ball' F1
Genus: Cucurbita
Species: pepo
Year: 1999
Common Name: Zucchini summer squash
Type: Vegetables
Breeder: Hollar
Close Market Comparison: 'Roly Poly'
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Annual
Light Needs: Full sun
Water Needs: Normal
Season Type: Warm Season
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Black
Plant Habit: Bushy
Plant Height: Tall: Over 24"
Garden Spacing: 30 inches
Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 35 days
Days To Harvest (Transplant): 30 days
Fruit Color (Harvest): Dark green with speckle
Fruit Shape: Uniquely round zucchini
Fruit Size: 2-3 inches
Fruit Weight: 4.25 ounces
Fruit Flavor Description: Improved zucchini flavor
Plant Spread: 30 inches

How to Grow

 Sow directly into the soil. (Preferably into moist soil) 2 seeds per hill, 14 inches apart. Thin to one plant per hill. Open bush habit is desirable for easy harvest.

1935 Gold Medal winner

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