2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Pepper 'Carmen' F1
National Winner
2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Pepper 'Carmen' F1
National Winner
2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Pepper 'Carmen' F1
National Winner
2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Pepper 'Carmen' F1
National Winner
2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner:
Pepper 'Carmen' F1
National Winner

Pepper 'Carmen' F1
2006 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

'Carmen' is an improved sweet pepper with an unusual shape. Most gardeners think of a bell shape when "sweet" peppers are mentioned. Not so any more. 'Carmen' is an Italian bull's horn type which refers to its elongated shape, about 6 inches long. The medium thick flesh is the sweetest when it is ripe red, but 'Carmen' peppers are sweet even when immature or green. One of the improved traits is the earliness to ripe red. Gardeners can look for red peppers about 75 days after transplanting into warm garden soil. The other improved traits are sweet flavor and high yield. The yield of a pepper plant is determined by its adaptability. 'Carmen' proved to be widely adaptable, flowering and setting fruit over a wide temperature range. Like all peppers, 'Carmen' will produce the highest number of peppers when grown in full sun and given proper nutrients and water.

'Carmen' plants are productive with an upright, medium height of 28 to 30 inches. This plant size is perfectly adaptable to larger patio containers. Grow 'Carmen' plants with sun-loving, trailing annuals such as verbena to drape over the edge. This is the most trendy combination planter - growing edibles and annuals together. 'Carmen' is easy to grow in gardens or larger sized containers.


Genus species: Capsicum annuum
Common name: Pepper
Fruit size: 2 1/2 inches wide, 6 inches long - about 5 ounces
Color: Green maturing to dark crimson red
Plant type: Upright bush
Width: 16 inches
Garden spacing: 18 inches apart
Unique qualities: Sweeter taste, earlier maturity, widely adapted
Length of time from transplanting to harvest: 75 days, red ripe
Closest comparison(s) on market: 'Giant Marconi,' 'Spanish Spice'

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Pepper
Variety Name: 'Carmen' F1
Genus: Capsicum
Species: annuum
Year: 2006
Common Name: Sweet pepper
Type: Vegetables
Breeder: Johnny's Selected Seeds
Close Market Comparison: 'Giant Marconi,' 'Spanish Spice'
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Annual
Light Needs: Full sun
Water Needs: Normal
Season Type: Warm Season
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Green
Plant Habit: Bushy, Upright
Plant Height: Tall: Over 24"
Garden Spacing: 18 inches apart
Days To Harvest (Transplant): 75 days, red ripe
Fruit Color (Harvest): dark crimson red
Fruit Shape: Italian bulls' horn shape, tapered and pointed
Fruit Size: 6 inches long
Fruit Weight: 5 ounces
Fruit Flavor Description: sweet
Plant Spread: 16 inches
Disease Resistances or Tolerances: In most locations no disease control measures are needed

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