Pea 'Sugar Snap'
1979 AAS Vegetable Award Winner

The mature pods of AAS Gold Medal Winner 'Sugar Snap' snap pea are round with fleshy walls and are crisp and delicious through full maturity. Even overripe pods can be shelled and the green peas eaten alone or mixed with the pods.  With Sugar Snap Peas you get to eat the entire pod with the peas nestled inside. The pods are juicy, crisp, sweet, and crunchy. Stringless, 3-inch pods keep their rich color and real crunch after cooking.

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AAS Winner Primary Details
Award: AAS Vegetable Award Winner
Award Type: National Winner
Class: Pea
Variety Name: 'Sugar Snap'
Genus: Pisum
Species: sativum
Year: 1979
Common Name: Snap Pea
Type: Vegetables
Breeder: Gallatin Valley Seed/Rogers NK
Plant Needs
Duration Type: Annual
Light Needs: Full sun
Water Needs: Normal
Season Type: Cold Season
Staking Required: NO
Plant Characteristics
Foliage Color: Green
Plant Habit: Climbing, Vining
Plant Height: Tall: Over 24"
Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 65-70
Fruit Color (Harvest): Green
Fruit Shape: elongated 3" round pods
Fruit Size: 3 inches
Plant Spread: 8 inches
Disease Resistances or Tolerances: Resistant to common pea wilt

How to Grow

For earliest sowing, prepare rows in fall to avoid working cool, wet, spring soil. Sow 2 or 3 times, 7-10 days apart, to extend harvest. To save space, sow in double rows 3 in. apart with 2 ½-3 ft. of space between double rows. Provide strong support for 6 ft. vines.

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